Rundale Palace Day Tour from Riga

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Rundale Palace is one of the crown gems of Latvia. Just a 70 min drive from Riga, this Baroque pearl is in the heart of a picture-perfect rural landscape. Known to many as the Little Versailles for its exquisite French garden and architecture, it was built in 1736-1740.

4 hours
75 EUR

Day tour to the Rundale Palace– a tale of 280 years

The Palace has been demolished twice – first during the Franco-Russian War in 1812, then in 1919 as Latvia was fighting for its newfound independence. Yet every time the Palace has reclaimed its charm, attracting visitors from near and far. In fact, even movie producers recognise its allure – did you know that Rundale Palace was featured as one of the residences in the BBC Series “War & Peace”?

Two palaces and a castle in one day

This Rundale day tour includes the visit of 3 of the most beautiful locations in Latvia – 2 palaces and a castle. Allow us to take you back to the time when ballroom dancing was a form of discourse and decadent luxury – the way of life.

Rundale Palace day tour from Riga itinerary

10:00Departure from the hotel
 11:30Drive to the Rundale Palace
 11:30 Arrival at Rundale Palace
 Self-guided tour of the Palace and its garden (guided tour optional)
 13:30 Lunch*
 14:15Return to Riga
 15:45 Arrival in Riga


*The lunch is not included in the price of the tour. We highly recommend the Rundale Palace restaurant – their meals are very delicious! We can provide you with the menu beforehand and make your reservation in order to avoid long waiting times. If you would prefer a restaurant of your choice in Bauska, we will gladly make similar arrangements for you.

**Total length of the tour: 5 hours.

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