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Bicycle tours in Riga

We are glad to offer bicycle tours in our beautiful city Riga. Riga is capital city of our beloved country Latvia and indeed, Riga has a lot to offer for everyone. We, as a locals, use to say that Riga is like a beautiful lady! Why? Because Riga has character which no other city has, it can magnificent and also a bit mean and tough…

The beauty of our capital city you can specifically feel and experience on bicycle – see the green parks, feel the fresh wind breeze from gulf of Riga and at the end of the day understand what Riga is like seeing all the sides of Riga.

We are the only agency in Riga, Latvia which has an exclusive partnership with largest and most professional bicycle rental in Riga – Therefore we are capable to offer a lot of different size bicycles and provide extremely good value for money.

Bicycles available for Riga bike tours run by H2

Premium class trekking bicycles, city bikes, electric bicycles, however, if you are looking forward to be electrified and cycle with an e-bike, there will be moderate surcharge for that, as in all our guided bike tours around Riga in base plan we have included premium class trekking or city bicycles.

Guided bicycle tours for everyone

Either you are solo traveller, couple, family or large group we have tours that will fit all of you.

It’s possible to choose between private guided bicycle tours in Riga and Jurmala or join Highlight Riga bicycle tour, nevertheless if none this suits your needs and interest we are ready to tailor a tour which will fit all your demands – write us ———-

Please be advised, that good practice is to book any guided tours at least 24 hours before the planned day of the tour,  if that’s not possible, we will still try to satisfy you and find options, but there are slightly less chances to have guided bicycle tour at the day and time you want.

See you in on of our guided bicycle tours in Riga!


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