Latvian black bath (sauna) day tour

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Try the unique Latvian black bathhouse (sauna) experience in Riga, Latvia – improve your well-being, boost your immunity, get healthier and happier!

~5 hours
70 EUR
Eng, Rus, Ger, French

What is the Latvian black bath or sauna?

The Latvian black or smoke bathhouse is quite different from any regular sauna experience, and it is a lot more exciting.

You probably have heard of (or perhaps even tried) the dry Finnish sauna  which is mostly with dry air and the temperature can exceed 100 oC (212 oF), and an electric sauna stove is the heat source.

Main features of a black bath are:

  • The temperature does not exceed 70-80 oC (158 oF)
  • The heat source is a wood-burning stone stove, for which the alder wood is commonly used
  • The air is humid, and bath whisks are used

The traditional black bathhouse doesn’t have a chimney, which means that during the heating the smoke circulates around the bath room and the soot blackens the walls, making the bath sterile and giving it a fantastic smell. Once the desired temperature is reached, the smoke is aired by opening the slots in the roof, the windows and the door.

The benefits of black bath

The Latvian smoke bath is more than just exciting – it benefits the health and boosts the immunity. It is good for body and spirit alike.

Using different kinds of bath whisks gives you the perfect massage and aromatherapy.

After black bath spa treatments, you will feel energised and relaxed at the same time. In closing, a herbal infusion is served.

Black bath day tour – for first-timers and experienced visitors

For your black bathhouse tour, you can choose between:

  • Self-service bathing (max. 20 pers.). Bath whisks not included (available at additional cost and highly recommended)
  • Bathing under the guidance a professional bath attendant who will explain the principles of a Latvian bath and offer flapping with different kinds of bath whisks (a choice of dried or frozen; birch, oak, herbal, etc.)

The Latvian black bathhouse tour is subject to advance booking and prepayment. Please feel free to contact us and request the date and time you desire for this memorable experience.

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