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The story of Allure

The first folding bike shop in Riga

Allure is a natural extension of the tourism activities that we have been doing for nearly 10 years. On several occasions, we have been the pioneers in what we offer. It all started with a bicycle shop, which was also the first bicycle shop in Riga Old Town. Before we knew it, as early as in 2008, tourists came knocking on our door, inquiring whether they could rent the bikes from us. Our answer, naturally, was “Absolutely not! Our bikes are for sale only.” After having been asked the same question over and over again, we decided to launch the first bicycle rental in Riga Old Town. The business took off, expanding our range of services and introducing new products every year. Soon enough we realized that in order to continue our growth we need to develop even further.

Segway rental and guided tours in Riga, Jurmala

In 2016, we started to offer Segway rental and guided tours, making our 2-wheel-fleet more attractive to our customers. Achieving our set goals did not stop us from thinking about new horizons. As we were already successfully doing guided bicycle and Segway tours, we decided to go ahead and start an incoming tourism agency, offering Riga’s guests outstanding tours and activities, including corporate events.

A van and Allure

In order to expand the range of the tours offered, we decided to make a significant investment – get a van for carrying our clients around Latvia. Curious enough, the van turned out to be the source of inspiration for the name of our agency. In order to take a break from the opinionated brainstorming, we decided to look up the meaning of our van’s model name – Allure. To our surprise, we discovered that “Allure” stands for THE QUALITY OF BEING ATTRACTIVE, INTERESTING OR EXCITING. Bingo! You could not find a better match if you tried. This word perfectly describes the way we work, think and serve our customers. As a result, Allure, together with a slogan “MAKING LATVIA EXCITING”, was born.

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Tours in Latvia

We are happy to witness that more tourists are choosing Latvia as their holidday destination. Everyday we strain to do outmost in order to introduce our beautiful and green country to visitors from all around the world. And there are many things in Latvia to show out and to be proud about. In our tours in Latvia we mainly offer day tours from Riga to most popular destinations. In the same time we are updating our existing  tours according with clients feedback and creating new tours to less explored but not less meaningful places. In case you have specific wish and can’t find in our tour program, don’t hesitate and contact us at earliest convinience. We’ll be happy to make your visit in Latvia exciting.

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Tours in Baltics

Since ancient times Riga has been an important cross-roads thanks to its geographical location between east and west, north and south. Today looking from the Baltic perspective Riga again is in the middle – in the crossroads. There are exactly 300 km both to Tallinn and Vilnius – capitals of our Baltic neighbours Estonia and Lithuania. You need only about one hour to get to the Estonian or Lithuanian border by car from Riga.  This makes it possible to have attractive day tours to our neighbouring countries right from Riga and then back.  Our most popular is Hill of crosses day tour to Lithuania. This tour is combined with few another sightseeing stops or activities in Latvia.

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